Spots for the launch of the new Orbea Gain & Vibe bicycles.

Produced by NVCR studio
Walden Studio did the service (realization and production)

Directed by Quique Bueno and Mario Hernández
1st AC / cameraman: Aitor Saavedra (WALDEN)
Production & data wrangler: Olivia Cabello (WALDEN)
Sound: Rubén Durán
Drivers: Miguel Gatoó & Pablo Iriarte
Assistant and making of: Laura Bueno
Still photography: Gianfranco Tripodo and Quique Bueno
Orbea: Mikel Díaz & Jon Azkoitia


Lia Feliu
Victor Besteiro
Eloy Barja

Lucía de Benito
Gerard Pagano

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