PS Works (Plateselector) is one of the agencies with which we collaborate regularly as part of their team in Madrid. For them we produce, film and sjhoot  projects of all kinds. From event video coverage to branded content.

All projects are produced and edited by PS Works. Directed by Aitor Saavedra and with Olivia Cabello as producer.


We have collaborated on several branded content projects for Levi’s: Selectors and Houseros.

Houseros “Thanksgiving” with Natalia Ferviú & Carlangas (Novedades Carminha)

Selectors with Guiomar Puerta and Échale Guindas


Some of them have been “La noche de los mercados Estrella Damm” (Market’s night with beer’s brand Estrella Damm) 2018 and 2019 or  “Noches Celeste” (Celeste Nights) in May 2019.

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