Elisabeth Kilbey’s video leads the ranking of the most viewed advertising on YouTube Spain in January 2019.

‘Aprendemos Juntos’ (Learning Together) is a BBVA education project to make real their brand promise: ‘Creating Opportunities’ which also has the collaboration of El País and Grupo Santillana.

Education is the great opportunity to improve the lives of people so their mission is to involve the whole society in the challenge of each child finding his passion and developing their maximum potential. We are all children when it comes to learning.

Walden has filmed some of the contents that you can see in https://aprendemosjuntos.elpais.com/ in collaboration with Wink.

Directed and shooted by Aitor Saavedra
1st AC: Jano García Prendes/Olivia Cabello
Produced and edited by WINK

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