San Silvestre Vallecana is one of the most important races in Spain. Running 10km through Madrid in New Year’s Eve is something special.

ClientNikeServicesVideo Production, Shooting, EditionYear2016

Producing this video was really fun and exciting, but also challenging so there were more than 40.000 runners.

Our three cameramen were distributed to cover everything that happened during the race. We all started at the race starting point, a really important moment where all the 40.000 runners were waiting. Then they were placed in their positions: the first one, left that point just before the race started and went to the race’s goal, the Rayo Vallecano’s football club stadium. Another one stayed filming that point all the time until all the runners had left. And the third one went along with all the runners on a motorcycle and filmed all the route.

Lots of movement, people, streets and of course, running.

Directed by Aitor Saavedra
Produced by WALDEN
Shooted by Aitor Saavedra, Mario Hernández and Raúl Peña
Producer: Olivia Cabello
Edited by WALDEN

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