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Online training is already important, but it will be even more in 2020. And video, it is its star format.

It is not difficult to teach an online class, today there are numerous streaming tools at your fingertips, which allow you to give live classes to a group of people. And they are great tools, but they do not make the experience of your students round. And it is that its visual quality is not quite excellent.

A recent study showed that audiovisual content and its quality are determining factors for a student to choose you as a school. But even more, they are decisive in their experience once they are your students.

And it is that they need you to capture their attention throughout the class and this is only achieved with a quality professional and a round experience in all its aspects.

From Walden, we will advise you on the best way to communicate your classes. Sometimes it will be through webinars with the expert looking at the camera, other times through testimonials, or even with infographic videos, or with all of it.

We produce video training content such as: webinars, masterclasses, tutorials, manuals or support resources, among others. But most importantly, we help you organize and carry out all the production:

Organization of recordings
Post-production: resource design, animation, editing …
We have vast experience in this format. We have worked with schools and organizations such as: 4Doctors, FUNED or Santillana.

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