Rise is the Orbea’s new mountain bike.
A bike that brings you closer to the feeling that less “e” means more “bike”. Whether you crave longer and longer distances, hit epic spots, improve your performance, or go on adventures more often, push your limits and discover the new standard in mountain biking.

To launch it, we went to the Pyrenees to record it in its purest form by the hand of the riders Jorge García and Virginia Cancellieri.

Produced by Walden Studio and NVCR Studio
Directed by Quique Bueno and Mario Cranks
DPs: Aitor Saavedra and Mario Cranks
1st AC: Andrés Paduano
Sound technician: Rubén Durán
Still photography: Alejandro Cubino
Production Manager: Olivia Cabello
Production assistant: Iván Arribas
Making of: Laura Bueno
Edition: Mario Cranks
Colorist: Rodrigo Carrasco
Soundtrack: Gabriel Suarez
Sound Mix: Keith White
Orbea team: Koldo Izagirre, Jorge Soto and Jon Azkoitia

Jorge Garcia
Virginia Cancellieri

Special thanks to Christophe Gastan and the rest of the Pyrénées Connexion guides. Thanks for taking care of us.

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