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The Roosters, a group of bicycle messengers from Madrid, is looking for new challenges in the form of more complex and isolated routes. Blurring the boundaries between urban fixed gear, road bike and gravel.

The team, this time made up of Jaime, Carlos and Mario, is joined by Oliver Woods, an old acquaintance of the fixed gear in Barcelona and a member of the Pedalea o Revienta collective.

The adventure takes them to Ukraine. Building on the Transcarpathia Trail, an ancient mountain route that runs through the Ukrainian Carpathians, The Roosters seek to connect Krakow with Kiev by crossing the Ukrainian mountain range. A long and complicated journey that will test both your strength and your personal relationship.

Directed, shot and edited by Aitor Saavedra
1st AC: Jano García Prendes
Production: Olivia Cabello y Jaime Aukerman
Colorists: Nadia Gómez and David Castañón
Edition assistant: Olivia Cabello
Sound Mix: Ramón González
Graphic design: Álvaro Pérez Ramírez
Still photography: Lino Escuris
Driver: Piotr Kwit

Carlos Terroso
Mario Cranks
Jaime Aukerman
Oliver Woods

Music: “The ballad of Robert Johnson” por Sictor Valdaña and the Check this outs”


Analogic photography by Aitor Saavedra

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