This year the message of the collection is a simple, yet powerful one: “I AM”. It’s a statement that invites YOU to tell the world who you are, and to be proud of it. Whether it says, “I AM GAY,” “I AM PROUD,” “I AM UNIQUE” or “I AM QUEER,” it’s a badge of honour that celebrates individuality, solidarity, honesty and authentic self-expression, as well as ultimately, equality.

This video was filmed in Madrid’s Pride Parade 2018.

Directed by Aitor Saavedra
Shooted by Mario Cranks and Quique Bueno for WALDEN
Producer: Olivia Cabello
Edited and color graded by WALDEN

Photography by Aitor Saavedra

*The voice-over belongs to the writer and gay rights’ defender Eric Marcus, recorded during his interview in ABC’s Charlie Gibson program in 1992»

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