This project is part of the Norman Foster Foundation new headquarters opening in Madrid.

All footage is part of the 2010 documentary film «How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?», directed by Carlos Carcas and Norberto Lopez Amado. Drawings, sketches, blueprints and photographies are as well part of the Norman Foster Foundation archive.

The footage is crafted alongside with the the archive material as a videoloop for been showed in the screens inside the building new pavilion.

Edited by Aitor Saavedra
Produced by BOSALAY


Also as part of the Norman Foster Foundation archive and new headquarters opening in Madrid, BOSALAY crafted this teaser explaining what the archive is.
We edited the second half of the video, where you can see the pavilion Norman Foster design to fit with the old building. The pavilion works as a part of the archive as well as a museum of things that inspires Mr. Foster.

Directed and shooted by Íñigo Jiménez for BOSALAY
Edited by Aitor Saavedra for WALDEN
Produced by BOSALAY

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