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Transcarpathians Premiere Photos @ Bicycle Film Festival Madrid – 16th November 2018

A 22 days journey that drive us from crystal clear lakes to cloudy mountains, riding along rural ukrainian regions and the amazing city of Kiev and meeting new friends in a road that ended up as a main character itself.

After the success of メイビーダイ (MAYBE DIE), Transcarpathians leads the viewers to a whole new experience of cinematic bike traveling where the roads are just the excuse for riding together and discover new places.

Directed, shooted & edited by Aitor Saavedra
1st AC: Jano García Prendes
Trailer color grading: Mario Cranks
Documentary colorists: Nadia Gómez and David Castañón
Assistant editor: Olivia Cabello
Sound mixer: Ramón González
Still Photography: Lino Escuris
Driver: Piotr Kwit

Carlos Terroso
Mario Cranks
Jaime Aukerman
Oliver Woods

Music: «The ballad of Robert Johnson» by Sictor Valdaña and the Check this outs»


Analogue photography by Aitor Saavedra

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