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«El futuro es apasionante» (The future is exciting) is a project that connect us with the future: to help us understand how technology improves all aspects of our lives. Inspire people to incorporate, in their day to day, the advances and innovations that offer us new forms of entertainment, learning, thinking … New ways of being connected. All that tomorrow can bring you will be here.

Walden has filmed some of the contents that you can see in in collaboration with WINK TTD Agency.

Hosts: Joel Dalmau and América Valenzuela
Editors: Noelia Núñez, Azahara Mígel.
Directed and shooted by Aitor Saavedra (WALDEN) and Andrés Paduano, Kristhian Zacarias, Alberto Rodrigo.Sound by José Luis Toral, Daniel Bravo, David Rodríguez, Alex Escutia.

Produced and edited by WINK TTD

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